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Would this be true if I fell in love with you?
And is this really what you want me to do?
When I feel like this it’s all been done before
And we just have to pick ourselves off the floor

Great god above I see there’s more in you
More in you than you want me to
All the lovers hold each other underneath the brave sky
They’d call it off but they don’t want it to die

Tell me lover how could you be true
If I didn’t want anything, anything from you?
Take off all the layers, just to be yourself
I don’t want any one any more than your self

Don’t want to be alone, why should we live in fear?
We’ve only a few short years, hanging around here
Funny that it comes as, comes as no surprise
When we finally really look into each other’s eyes

Come on now darling, this is the brave sky
I won’t run for cover, let your fantasies fly
As we dip out toes into the warm water
Finally living just how we oughtta