From the recording Latest Demos


You’ve unchained your loving
Unchained, your heart
Sings this heritage
Is ours tonight
If this is ours
Without this fuss or fight
I could linger on
This brain’s ideas all night
With stupid theories
Of the sparks we see now and then
Between heaven and earth
Between women and men
But love is your religion

With naked exposed skin I lay you down
This heart it is open
Or closed with a safety valve
We closed it off once
To make the living alright
Open out a little more
To ease the worry and the fright
This floodgate opens
This grip it softens when
We step out into the middle
Surrounded by our friends
Cause love is your religion

This love it changes colour
A million times a second
Don’t hold it in your heart
Or in your mind
We’ve changed too many times
This earth is shifting fast
So many ways to hold you
In this looking glass
With oceans upraised
Like diamonds in the night
With faces all open
Shadows glinting in the light
Cause love is your right